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Arxspan for SAFE-BioPharma

Digital Signature Compliance Made Simple

Arxspan enables SAFE-Biopharma digital compliance in two ways:

1)   ArxLab Electronic Notebook is a full-featured, browser-based ELN built for collaborative research. ArxLab® Notebook incorporates digital signing certificates compliant with the SAFE-BioPharma standard, allowing personnel with SAFE-BioPharma cyber-identities to authenticate identity and apply digital signatures when using the ArxLab Notebook.

2)   Arxspan offers a web service that can be integrated with any 3rd party application thus enabling SAFE-BioPharma Mobile signatures.

Arxspan Services for SAFE-BioPharma

  • Licensing of Arxspan SAFE-BioPharma Web Service
  • Application integration with Arxspan SAFE-BioPharma Web Service
  • User credentialing
  • Token setup process
  • End user support

Try Arxspan Solutions now, or contact us to learn more about the ArxLab products, volume pricing, and how we provide complete registration, inventory and ELN software solutions or will integrate with existing ELN and ERP systems.

SAFE-BioPharma® is a trademark of SAFE-BioPharma Association. Any use of this trademark requires approval from SAFE-BioPharma Association. For more information on the SAFE-BioPharma standard for digital identity and digital signatures used in life science and healthcare settings, visit

Arxspan's ArxLab product line is a platform for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, material science, consumer goods, and food & beverage industries.
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