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About Us

Arxspan and the ArxLab® product line have been founded and developed by a team of experts in the Software as a Service (SaaS) and experimental science communities. The product line provides a platform for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or chemistry industry. Working together as a team, these experts have brought to market a robust, secure and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic notebook application with a truly zero-footprint client profile.

Connect — Collaborate — Create

The ArxLab® web-based electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), Registration, Inventory and Assay management modules combine to create a fully integrated platform for distributed collaborative research and development. Data capture has been refined to a one-click process that is available on any standard web browser, independent of computing platform or device. Content may also be added to the ArxLab® cloud via SMS text message or email.

The software uses centralized Project and Study dashboards to store and search research activity, and drill-down to areas of interest in one click. Data from a single experiment may be tracked for multiple projects and studies to reveal the business value of work that contributes to multiple research goals. Data mat be exported from ArxLab® to leverage existing analytics and reporting system infrastructure.

Experiments from templates and individual experimental observations, measurements, raw data, photographs and formalized reports are just a few of the items that make up a complete record of scientific research that embodies the Intellectual Property critical to many industries. The cloud-based ArxLab® ELN enables researchers to get data of any format into a lab notebook with the tools they use most — a web browser or mobile device — provides the basis to generate the information necessary critical IP.

SaaS Infrastructure and Experience

SaaS as a software delivery model has been a past concern of the scientific community because of the concerns of data security as well as a general lack of industry experience with the software model in general. In the past few years, SaaS has become an increasingly appealing model for research organizations and universities as its benefits have become clear, the need for collaboration has dramatically increased, and data security has been well-demonstrated.

Arxspan professionals have over 15 years of experience developing and hosting secure, web-based software application systems ranging from electronic commerce to highly sensitive market data for large and small businesses. This experience, as well as our secure, world class Certified Data Center, makes Arxspan an ideal hosting partner for intellectual property and other sensitive data.

Made In America

Our technology is developed in Massachusetts, USA and our hosting facilities and data centers are all located in the United States.

Arxspan's ArxLab product line is a platform for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, material science, consumer goods, and food & beverage industries.
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