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ArxLab® Inventory — Powerful Biological and Chemical Supply Management

ArxLab Inventory is a web browser-based inventory software application that provides a tool set to define and manage biology and chemistry inventory items. The software tracks biological materials including cell lines, plates, proprietary compounds, commercial compounds, equipment, and glassware. All functionality is delivered in by a browser-based, platform independent interface.

ArxLab Inventory provides a full-featured inventory system that supports the needs of both biologists and chemists. Using a web browser-based interface, all common inventory operations are supported including the tracking of receiving, container history, usage levels by user, container location, material check-in/check-out, plates and daughter plates, and audit trail. Material may be stored locally or at multiple sites. User-defined location hierarchy provides for exact location of stored materials within a building, laboratory, benchtops, freezers and vials.

By using an intuitive browser-based interface, ArxLab Assay requires no software other than a standard web browser to provide a full-featured user experience cross-platform including on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. ArxLab Inventory may be used as a stand-alone tool or may be seamlessly integrated with ArxLab Notebook, ArxLab Registration, and ArxLab Assay.

Key Features:

  • Fully configurable container types including plate inventory
  • Fully configurable storage location hierarchy
  • Support for Bar Code scanners/readers
  • Bar Code printing
  • Chemical name and structure search
  • CAS Number lookup
  • Cross-platform operability
  • Web-based to allow multi-site management
  • Fast searching and response
  • Manages proprietary compounds seamlessly when used with ArxLab Registration

Key Differentiators:

  • As a cloud-based software solution, continuing software refinements and improvements are rolled out during announced, scheduled updates without costly local maintenance requirements.
  • ArxLab Inventory is cleanly integrated into the ArxLab product line to provide an integrated suite of tools for biologists and chemists. It also may readily be integrated with other enterprise knowledge management systems with customization.
  • Using Arxspan's SaaS hosting platform, external collaborators can securely submit data for analysis and storage.

Data Integrity and Security

  • The Arxspan private cloud is managed and monitored by a team of IT experts who have designed, deployed, maintained and supported hosted IT services for over 15 years.
  • ArxLab data is stored on multiple redundant systems in world class data centers and all data is transmitted using SSL encryption.
  • Storage infrastructure is housed in the U.S.
  • Backups of data are available at any time

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Arxspan's ArxLab product line is a platform for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, material science, consumer goods, and food & beverage industries.
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