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ArxLab Cloud Based Electronic Notebook

ArxLab Notebook deploys as a zero-footprint SaaS application that is globally deployable in minutes. Access controlled accounts and repositories for CROs and external collaborators can be configured on an ad-hoc basis in real time. Video-based training is a 10-minute exercise that increases productivity. Additional benefits include:

  • The intuitive ArxLab interface minimizes the need for training
  • Access your data in an open XML format at any time for integration with internal systems, or automate data integration using event-based data push mechanisms
  • Push to all major commercial ELN platforms, SharePoint, and even internally developed systems

Deployment in the private, secure Arxspan cloud environment eliminates costly hardware acquisition, maintenance and IT overhead. When considered against a "fixed install" of a traditional ELN platform infrastructure, a SaaS deployment of the ArxLab application suite saves time, reduces budget and eliminates the complexities of deploying a robust, fault-tolerant and highly available application service.

Arxspan's ArxLab product line is a platform for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, material science, consumer goods, and food & beverage industries.
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