Arxspan Biodrive Tutorial

Learn about BioDrive – and how you can  take your research to the FASTLANE with Arxspan’s comprehensive tool for molecular biology, BioDrive!!! A single platform that caters to the needs of today’s diverse research teams.

About Biodrive

BioDrive is a molecular biology extension of the Arxspan Electronic Laboratory Notebook that integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure to deliver a single platform for managing molecular biology, biology, and chemistry data.

A sequence editing tool is as fundamental to biology as a chemical structure drawing tool is to chemistry. For the individual scientist there are numerous desktop tools for either application depending on research focus, chemist or a biologist. For the individual this segregation or silo-ing may be acceptable and in this respect BioDrive Desktop, as a sequence editing tool, just adds to the list.

For the enterprise, when it comes to ELNs, the choice is again limited to one or the other; that is a chemistry ELN with no molecular biology support or a molecular biology ELN with no chemistry support. For the enterprise this is not practical, as it results in many companies having duplicate or redundant solutions, with critical data that is not accessible across project teams.

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