Can Your ELN Keep Up?

Time is of the essence when it comes to drug discovery and development. You need to move quickly, handle data efficiently and collaborate seamlessly.

Arxspan Notebook is a faster, more efficient way to search, share and manage chemistry and biology data within your organization and with partners around the world.

The Arxspan ELN is a 100% web-based application for enterprise-wide data management and collaboration. The platform provides the opportunity to manage all aspects of laboratory process and workflow in a single system without the need for any custom code.

Transform your research and collaboration with Arxspan Notebook ELN:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface 
  • Streamlined integration with other systems and software
  • Robust infrastructure and data security
  • Global deployment in minutes
  • Share data internally and with external partners 
  • Complete legal and regulatory compliance

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The New Generation

Learn how Sunovion Pharmaceuticals adopted Arxspan Notebook to transition from paper notebooks internally, as well as to effectively manage incoming CRO data.

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Migrating From Old to New

Learn how Constellation Pharmaceuticals replaced the existing client-server installation of its electronic laboratory notebook with Arxspan Notebook, increasing productivity while decreasing support requests.

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Innovative Compound Registration Workflow

Learn how Arxspan Notebook enabled real-time evaluation and better communication at Sunovion, resulting in time-savings and improved QA for the entire scientific enterprise.

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