Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) FAQ

Yes, Arxspan uses industry-standard practices to host and store all customer data, including secure facilities, data transmission, data storage and backup procedures.

Yes, we have full audit trail and electronic signature and witnessing compliance.

No, all you need is a web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. This includes any device with a web browser and a connection to the Internet, like tablets or other mobile devices running Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android operating systems, as well as traditional PCs running Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

All Arxspan customer data is securely stored on our private cloud infrastructure, and backed up to digitally and physically secure off-site locations on a regular basis.

Yes. Arxspan provides a service that delivers weekly or monthly backups of all stored data to a backup location of your choice. This provides a customer- accessible archive in addition to the multiple redundant backups maintained by Arxspan according to our IT Policy.

Arxspan Notebook supports chemical, biological and analytical workflows out of the box. The experimental forms are intended to be simple, intuitive and fast. For chemistry experiments, most drawing conventions are supported
including ChemDraw CDX ISIS Sketch, ISIS Rxn and ISIS MOL. If you have a licensed copy of Perkin Elmer ChemDraw, it can be used interactively from within the chemistry experiment.

While any file can be uploaded/attached to any experiment in Arxspan Notebook, we have specific, extended support for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe PDF, and most common image formats such as GIF, PNG and JPG. All of the above file types can be visualized directly within the Notebook. PDF and Microsoft Office documents are available for full-text searching as well.

Arxspan Notebook can be configured to support various levels of data visibility by a system administrator. This includes company-wide, group and per-user visibility to data on a global or ad hoc basis.

Yes, Arxspan Notebook is particularly well-suited for external workflows, allowing extensively configurable permissions models sometimes peculiar to CRO interactions. We have integrated Arxspan Notebook with many other notebook platforms for integration of CRO workflows with internal systems of record.

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