Industries Overview

Scientific Software, Written By Scientists

Arxspan understands the science of the markets it serves.

Organizations performing scientific research across multiple industries and disciplines are all driven by the need to improve research productivity, increase collaborative capability and cross-communication, and spur innovation. Arxspan understands the science being conducted across chemistry, biology, material science, and other scientific disciplines, and architects the Arxspan system to meet the unique workflow needs of numerous scientific sectors.

Arxspan Notebook is a comprehensive solution for managing scientific research and development activities from concept through commercialization and beyond. Arxspan provides full support for chemistry and biology experimental workflows, data entry via free form research notes and file attachments, assay data loading, visualization, search, decision support, and project and work request management. Arxspan allows scientific teams to effectively manage scientific content and workflow, and to ensure that all internal and external stakeholders are sharing information and communicating in real time.

Arxspan supports compliant signing and witnessing workflows with multi-factor authentication, experiment audit trail, tracking of development of intellectual property, single sign on, selective data access and sharing, and other features to ensure data security and ease of communication across scientific teams, enabling organizations to document their processes of scientific innovation and development. The Arxspan system is developed and supported by scientists who understand the complexities of the workflows being established by scientists in global research organizations.

Arxspan will streamline workflows, increase productivity, protect sensitive IP, and leverage existing investments without jeopardizing regulatory compliance. With its cloud-based architecture, Arxspan is ideal for collaborative research environments in which laboratories are geographically separated.


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