Academic Laboratory Data Management with Arxspan ELN: Collaborative system for maintaining project continuity amid complexity


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The pace of academic research is accelerating, and the speed with which collaborations are struck between universities and governmental and non-governmental laboratories, as well as industry, continues to grow.

Academic researchers increasingly share their data for the purposes of publication, clinical trial initiation, and procuring funding for their work. The need for a system for laboratory data management, to adequately register scientific experimental data as well as selectively and securely share it is growing. Furthermore, the amount of information that is being generated in biological research is increasing, heightening the need for robust systems to manage this scientific information.

Academic researchers have specialized requirements for an electronic laboratory notebook. They need a comprehensive resource that is able to store large amounts of data and attach files of any format. Their information needs to be organized and searchable by particular experiment or subject matter, not just chronologically. Their ELN needs to do be able to safely archive data for years to come and to have the capability to share data with anyone at any time.

Principal investigators must be able to review their lab member’s experimental progress and be able to easily produce reports of experiments for communication and publication.

Academic researchers also often need access to a central system for storage of reagents and freezer contents, while at the same time having their notebooks kept private and confidential. Finally, the ELN needs to be intuitive, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Benefits For Academia

The Arxspan Electronic Lab Notebook system is entirely cloud-based, with no servers or databases to purchase and install. Users of the system can be added or subtracted with the click of a button at any time. Furthermore, scientists can be allowed access to any notebook on the system with the click of a button, allowing flexibility of the size and dynamic of research teams associated with any given project. Also, the cloud-based nature of the system allows for secure and efficient collaboration between academia, government, NGOs, and industry.

The Arxspan Inventory module can create a central location to track materials throughout the institute, as well as materials produced within a core facility. Specialized workflows including animal and cell line management make it easy to document processes at the in vitro as well as in vivo stage.

Multiple devices are supported by Arxspan ELN, allowing for free movement between office and laboratory. Instrument files can be attached to experiments, and copying and pasting functions are easy to use. Arxspan has an intuitive, attractive, and easy to use interface. PIs can monitor the work product of their entire lab in real time and can quickly generate comprehensive PDF versions of an entire experiment for the purposes of sharing or using as a basis for drafting a research paper.

Data is protected in Arxspan’s secure data center, and all information is stored in a centralized repository rather than on shared or personal drives.

Improve basic scientific research speed, effectiveness, and productivity in your organization.

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