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Whether the business is novel organometallic catalysts, combi-chem libraries, chiral building blocks for biomolecules, monomers for use in the plastics industry, petroleum additives or other myriad chemicals, new molecules are only useful if they can be registered, tracked, searched and directed toward new uses. This is made possible with Arxspan’s Chemical ELN.

A molecule-centric electronic lab notebook platform that interprets structures accurately and securely is essential for an organization to develop the full value of its compounds. Scientists from the benchtop to the pilot plant, from the preparation of new molecules in one laboratory through development by the entire organization, require easy access to experimental data and simple data entry as well as experimental searchability and scalability to track milligrams to kilogram quantities. Arxspan’s chemical ELN, registration and inventory systems work seamlessly from a convenient web interface.

Benefits For Chemicals


Secure uniform data storage eliminates problems caused by data locked away in disparate data sources including personal drives, paper lab notebooks, networks and data warehouses. Organizations can now realize the cumulative benefit gained over the research life cycle with instant searchable access, analysis and insight to IP.

Full Chemical Structure

An organization’s most valuable asset is the IP from its research, be it internal or out-sourced. Data standards, security and compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 are included in the software.


Low cost data migration from legacy systems is performed by the Arxspan team of professionals.

Bring Your Own Structure Drawing Tool

Deployment of the Arxspan electronic laboratory notebook software is flexible with cloud-based or on-premise options. The web based user environment is accessible from any device or operating system. Arxspan’s ELN, Registration, and Inventory can be purchased as a suite or as stand-alone modules.


Arxspan easy-to-use interface works the way scientists work and reduces time consuming manual processes and streamlines workflow and information exchange.

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