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Introducing Arxspan’s electronic lab notebook with Molecular Biology And Chemistry Support Option

Cross-functional, chemistry and biology teams can centralize and track all their biologics data and experimental processes in one electronic lab notebook.


Life sciences is transforming and the drug discovery paradigm is changing. Many discovery programs are now conducted by external research partners. This rapid change in Pharma’s business model presents enormous data challenges in sharing and security. Secure and flexible ELN pharma data management solutions enable collaboration, sharing and innovation across all aspects of the partner network.

Most research labs today process massive quantities of incoming data from collaborative research and, most often, from CRO partners. The geographically separated CRO facilities make hard copy data entry almost useless. If an electronic notebook application is already deployed, it can be difficult, time-consuming and error-prone to review and manually enter external data that is supplied from an alternative lab notebook application.

A primary use case for the Arxspan Electronic Lab Notebook is to securely gather data from CROs and seamlessly approve and upload that data into electronic notebooks existing at the pharma company. Arxspan provides standard integration to enable this type of workflow. Research managers can view, search and approve CRO experimental data prior to incorporating it into their existing notebook. Optionally, if desired for security, data delivered by Arxspan can be deleted once the data transfer is complete. This approach offers valuable benefits, including:

Benefits For Pharma


CRO users have no visibility into Pharma’s IT infrastructure. This security arises by use of the Arxspan system as the CRO notebook system and not by configuration or permission changes in existing corporate notebook systems that would jeopardize internal security.


Monitor CRO research and collect output electronically, including electronic signatures and witnessing, if desired.


CRO data are electronically pushed to the internal electronic notebook platform, eliminating the time and process of manually entering relevant data.


Arxspan Notebook is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and offers optional SAFE-BioPharma support.

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