Arxspan Now Servicing Safe-Biofarma Community

Arxspan Now Servicing Safe-Biofarma Community

4 / 2 / 2013

Fort Lee, NJ (April 2, 2013) — Arxspan, the developer of the web-based Arxspan electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), has joined with SAFE-BioPharma Association to provide services that can facilitate research collaboration within the community of biopharmaceutical companies comprising SAFE-BioPharma’s members.

“Browser-based digital ELN signatures significantly reduce the barriers to signature compliance for external research initiatives”, said Peter Rosati, CEO of Arxspan.

SAFE-BioPharma is the not-for-profit biopharmaceutical industry coalition managing the global SAFE-BioPharma digital identity and signature standard. High assurance digital identity credentials based on the SAFE-BioPharma standard are used in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors to sign electronic documents and data files and to authenticate to online applications.

Arxspan, a full-featured and browser-based ELN built for collaborative research, now incorporates digital signing certificates compliant with the SAFE-BioPharma standard, allowing personnel with SAFE-BioPharma cyber-identities to authenticate identity and apply digital signatures when using the Arxspan ELN.

“We are pleased to welcome Arxspan to the expanding community of SAFE-BioPharma organizations,” said Mollie Shields-Uehling, president and CEO, SAFE-BioPharma Association.


For more information on the SAFE-BioPharma standard for digital identity and digital signatures used in life science and healthcare settings, visit

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