Title: Managing Research with External Partners and CROs with Bruker Arxspan

Date: Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Time: 10AM EDT

Duration: 1 hour

Key Learning Points

  • Synthesis request plus registration and sample tracking.
  • Analytical requests and automated data capture and reporting.
  • Assay requests and capturing the endpoint data together with the raw data files for the record.

Who Should Attend?

Those working with CROs who wish for a better solution for laboratory data management.


More and more companies are working with external partners, either for routine day-to-day tasks or for the more-exotic specialist tasks. Some companies have taken this to the logical extreme and no longer have internal labs, instead outsourcing everything from synthesis to testing.

In both cases in order to coordinate the activities and advance the project the results need to be available to the project leaders for decision making, not a trivial task when different CROs return reports and data via email or shared drives at different times and in different formats. The Arxspan ELN platform addresses these challenges with a real-time overview of ongoing projects and experiments and a centralized repository for all your research activities, ensuring harmonization of documentation and result entry.