Arxspan® Search: Decision Support Tool

Querying and Reporting of Research Data

Arxspan Search is a decision support tool enabling querying, visualizing, and reporting of data from the Arxspan Notebook, Registration, Assay, and Inventory modules.

It allows users to perform real-time searching and sorting of compound, material, assay, and inventory data, and to customize the layout of these results. Users can save search/filter parameters, perform basic mathematical calculations, visualize chemical structures, create customizable graphs, generate 2D plotting, perform structure-activity relationship analyses, export tables to Microsoft Excel, and more.

Arxspan Search Features

  • Visualization of structured and unstructured data of any type
  • Streamlined searching, managing, and reporting of information
  • Query data fields from Arxspan Registration, Assay Registration, and Inventory
  • Loading of commonly used pre-saved searches
  • Filter searching


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