ArxLab® Integrated Chemical and Biological Registration

Integrated Registration of Chemical and Biological Compounds and Materials

ArxLab Registration is a web-based registration solution built to serve as an authoritative repository for unique chemical and/or biological entities. The system handles cases of uniqueness (identity) criteria, mixtures, and cross referencing, all within a single system that offers unified search across all registered entities, including chemically intelligent searching for structures.

In addition to supporting all common chemical drawing formats, Registration fully integrates PerkinElmer ChemDraw® as the chemical drawing tool of choice. Registration leverages the proven ChemAxon platform to provide chemical intelligence functionality including chemical search, property calculations, and full support for salts, mixtures, formulations, tautomers, and all types of isomers. ArxLab Registration for biology supports registration of proteins, antibodies, enzymes, DNA, RNA, and cell lines, among many other biologics materials and mixtures. Any other biological entity can be configured within our administrator interface, complete with uniqueness constraints and numbering algorithms. ArxLab users can bulk-register an unlimited number of biological entities from a CSV file, including unique entities and batches of unique entities. They can also perform bulk updates of existing registered entities in ArxLab Registration, changing information in specific fields and custom adding new fields to existing registration pages:

ArxLab Registration may be used as a stand-alone chemical registration and/or biological registration system, or may be easily integrated with ArxLab Notebook, ArxLab Registration, and ArxLab Inventory. Registration is delivered through an intuitive, browser-based and platform independent interface, allowing for unified registration and search across chemistry and biology, ideally suited for collaborative research needs. The clean ArxLab Registration user interface, configurable workflow, and SaaS infrastructure provide reliability, redundancy, scalability and rapid deployment for our clients. ArxLab Registration is readily integrated with other enterprise knowledge management systems to provide greater flexibility to users. Using our SaaS hosting platform, external collaborators can securely submit entities while internal staff can manage registrar functions without duplicating data or effort.

ArxLab® Registration Features

  • ArxLab Registration Features
  • User definable uniqueness criteria
  • User customizable fields and unlimited object types
  • Customizable entity and batch numbering
  • Bulk registering of materials
  • Bulk updating of previously registered materials
  • Ability to link uniquely registered items
  • Direct registration from experiment stoichiometry table
  • Tautomeric and enantiomeric support
  • Management of mixtures and formulations
  • Salt support
  • Registrar approval workflow
  • User access controls
  • Integrated file attachment
  • Seamless integration with all ArxLab modules


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