Electronic Lab Notebook

Benefits of Arxspan Notebook vs Traditional Electronic Lab Notebook Platform

Deployment of Arxspan cloud ELN  saves time, reduces budget, and eliminates the complexities of deploying a robust, fault-tolerant application service.

Ease of Use

  • Support for chemistry and biology experiments and workflows in single cloud ELN
  • Keyword, advanced, and chemical searching
  • Template creation for common protocols and experiments
  • Attachment and in-line editing for all Microsoft Office, image, and instrument files

Integration with Other Systems and Software

  • Out of box integration with legacy electronic laboratory notebook systems
  • Native integration with PerkinElmer ChemDraw ®
  • Underlying ChemAxon chemical intelligence
  • Enterprise capability
  • Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities

Infrastructure and Data Security

  • Global cloud software – no software to install or update
  • No need for servers and/or database purchases
  • Secure, audited data facility and procedures
  • Regular client data backups available
  • System updated every six weeks

Deploy cloud-based ELN (e-Lab Notebook) globally in minutes

  • Deployment in the private, secure Arxspan Cloud environment eliminates costly hardware acquisition, maintenance and IT overhead

Sharing of Data Internally and Externally

  • Cloud-based enterprise ELN accessible from any browser
  • View and/or write sharing capabilities at notebook and project level
  • Configurable user role and permission hierarchies
  • Group auto-share notebooks
  • CRO data access and input management

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Experiment audit trails and user/activity logs
  • Experiment signing and witnessing workflows
  • SAFE BioPharma compatibility for multi-factor capabilities
  • Support for validation of system and system updates

Enjoy the benefits of an intuitive and easy to use electronic lab notebook (ELN) that is searchable and sharable, efficiently managing chemistry and biology data. Flexibly manage your scientific workflows while never losing track of your data.

Ease of Use

Deploy Globally in Minutes

Integrate with Other Systems & Software

Easily Share Data Internally & Externally

Infrastructure & Data Security

Arxspan’s products are 100% web-based applications used as enterprise-wide data management and collaboration solutions. The platform provides the opportunity to manage all aspects of laboratory process and workflow in a single system without the need for any custom code.

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