ArxLab Inventory

Powerful Biological and Chemical Supply Management

ArxLab Inventory is a web-based inventory application providing a tool set to natively define and manage chemistry and biology inventory items such as proprietary compounds, materials, commercial reagents, plates, equipment, glassware, and other inventory items.

Inventory is a full-featured system seamlessly integrated into the ArxLab suite of products, with support for all common inventory operations including tracking of material receipt, container history, usage levels by user, container location, material check-in/check-out, plates and daughter plates, and audit trail. Material may be stored locally or at multiple sites. User-defined location hierarchy provides for exact locations of stored materials within a building, laboratory, bench-top, hood, freezer, or other location. Users can configure container type and storage locations and search by any field, or by chemical structure.

ArxLab Inventory enables fast and easy generation of common reports such as reorder thresholds, fire safety reports, and inventory reconciliation, with full support for common bar code readers and printers. In addition, the browser interface allows users to easily interact with the system for common operations such as sample management, on a single container or in bulk. New bulk functions in Inventory allow ArxLab users to add, change, or dispose of any number of barcoded containers of material with one click. An unlimited number of identical objects can be added in bulk by selecting the desired location and scanning or entering the barcodes. Inventory supports data import and export in CSV format, eliminating complications with data migration and mass import/export. When used with ArxLab Notebook, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for version control and e-Signatures, as well as optional support for SAFE-BioPharma signatures, is included.

ArxLab® Inventory Features

  • Fully configurable container types including plate inventory
  • Fully configurable storage location hierarchy
  • Support for Bar Code scanners/readers as well as printing
  • Fast searching and response
  • Chemical name and structure search
  • CAS number lookup
  • Plate views and mouse-overs of individual wells
  • Vivarium management
  • Cell line workflow management and tracking
  • Full audit trail with inventory source and destination links
  • Add, change, or dispose of containers in bulk
  • Multi-site management
  • Sample shipment workflow
  • Expiration and preventive maintenance alerts
  • User access controls
  • Seamless integration with all ArxLab modules

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