Arxspan Lab Inventory Management: chemical and biology supply management

Laboratory Inventory Repository

Lab inventory management: centrally record items in a web-based application.

Arxspan’s Lab Inventory Management software is part of its suite of electronic lab notebook products. It streamlines the organization, tracking, and ordering of lab inventory. Providing the opportunity to manage all aspects of laboratory processes and workflows in a single system without the need for any custom code.

Arxspan Lab Inventory Management Benefits:

Increase Lab Efficiency

  • Know with confidence the status of your lab inventory items across an individual or multiple sites

Centralized scientific data management

  • Easily access integrated cross-study, inventory data using Arxspan Search, without the need for time-intensive data processing
  • Fast and easy generation of common reports

Confidence in Compliance

  • When used with Arxspan Electronic Lab Notebook, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for version control and e-Signatures, as well as optional support for SAFE-BioPharma signatures, is standard.

Learn more about how the integrated Arxspan Electronic Lab Notebook suite addresses scientific data management challenges faced by today’s scientists

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