Arxspan Cloud-Based Enterprise ELN Products Overview

Arxspan is an enterprise-wide scientific data management and collaboration solution:

  • Featuring a suite of modules: Electronic Lab Notebook, Registration, Inventory and Assay Data Management
  • Delivered as a 100% web-based commercial off the shelf (COTS) application
  • Providing customers with the opportunity to manage all aspects of their laboratory process and workflow in a single system, without the need for any custom code
  • Integrates both chemistry and biology data in one system

The Arxspan cloud-based enterprise ELN solution enables efficient collaboration and provides a seamless experience for all involved in the scientific workflow.

Integrated Data = More Informed Decision Making

The integrated data housed across the Arxspan suite is optimized using Arxspan Search. A decision support tool, this solution enables querying, visualizing, and reporting of data from the Arxspan Electronic Lab Notebook, Registration, Assay, and Inventory modules. Arxspan Search allows users to perform real-time searching and sorting of compound, material, assay, and inventory data, and to customize the layout of these results.

Collaboration and Project Oversight

Understanding both the status of work being performed as well as viewing the experiments executed by both internal teams and CROs in near real time is critical. All products from Arxspan feature Arxspan Workflow, which enables creation of new work requests for internal and external partners.

Learn more about how the integrated Arxspan suite addresses the scientific data management challenges faced by today’s scientists

Arxspan Products



The Arxspan Electronic Lab Notebook product is a cloud-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Workflow solution built that is an authoritative repository for Chemistry and Biology data...

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The Arxspan Compound Registration software for chemistry and biology data are cloud-based solutions that are an authoritative repository for unique chemical and biological entities. The system handles...

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Arxspan's inventory lab management software is a cloud-based inventory application that natively defines and manages laboratory inventory items such as proprietary compounds...

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Arxspan Assay is a cloud-based software tool set that can define, collect, manage, and store assay endpoint data – ideal for assay development functions as well as LTS and HTS screening...

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