Data Security and Privacy

Fireside Chat on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks: addressing data security and privacy concerns

Webinar Length: 1hr
Date: Thursday 27th August
Time: 11 AM EST
Host: Arxspan

What you will gain from attending this webinar:

  • Data privacy and security concerns being driven by:
    • Regulation: From 21 CFR Part 11 to GDPR there are  evolving standards for managing data
    • Business continuity concerns
    • User requests
  • The balance between compliance and usability: ensuring your data is compliant, yet simple and intuitive enough for your scientists to want to use it and immediately see the benefit from it
  • The difference between data management versus information security and data access
  • How to deploy and use an ELN most effectively


Jeff Carter

Co-founder and COO Arxspan

Adham Chebbani

Enterprise SaaS Sales Manager

Data Security and Privacy On Demand

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From 21 CFR Part 11 to GDPR, there are evolving standards for managing data. This regulatory hurdle often contributes to data privacy and security concerns for pharma and biotech companies when it comes to their data. In this fireside chat with the COO of Arxspan and Enterprise SaaS Sales Manager at Arxspan – A Bruker Company, you will listen to a lively discussion on this topic and how, by reducing enterprise systems into three key services of data management, information security and data access, we can solve many of the current challenges faced in the life science industry

Speaker Details

Jeff Carter, Co-founder and COO Arxspan

Jeff Carter is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Arxspan, which offers a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook platform for managing and sharing scientific information.

As COO of the company, Jeff oversees commercial and operational functions, including business development, account management, product management, and engineering.

He has nearly 20 years of management experience in scientific informatics and cloud computing industries, including 23 years of software development experience.

Speaker Details

Adham Chebbani, Enterprise SaaS Sales Manager

As a formally trained chemist, Adham has had experience in the lab working specifically in GC/MS analysis and compound characterization. After working in the industry for several years, he decided that he would try his hand at something a bit more people-oriented, so he transitioned into a technical sales role in the medical device and software field.

Coupling his technical experience with his innate skill of relationship building, he was able to succeed and excel in his role, achieving top sales rep for 3 years in a row. He quickly learned that it was the complexity and challenge of technical sales that he enjoyed most.

Adham builds his relationships around a consultative approach, making himself very accessible to his customers. In his spare time, Adham enjoys carpentry, cooking, motorsports, and weightlifting. In addition to that, Adham can speak Arabic, Italian, and Spanish.

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