Advancing Discovery Biology Research

Biologists face complex workflows in research. Experiments produce in vitro, in vivo, screening, assay and DMPK data, making the documentation and management of the data challenging.

Centralizing data management across the workflow allows biologists to work more effectively. The Arxspan clean, unstructured and configurable repository simplifies the complex nature of the research biologists are pursuing.

Arxspan Notebook: Comprehensive project information in real time

  • Easily call up information related to routine procedures
  • Template experiments and notebooks to facilitate rapid workflow across common protocols
  • Easily access quantitative or qualitative information about biological materials
  • Build higher level biologic complexes using previously registered component biologic or chemical materials
  • Visualize and edit gene sequences and plasmid constructs
  • Request and manage a range of assays
  • Manage cell lines and vivariums, among other workflows
  • Cross-reference compounds with biological activity

The Arxspan system allows an organisation to centrally manage its research while not losing any legacy information. Arxspan propels your research forward and makes sure the best decisions are made to advance your research.

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