Use the ArxLab Platform To Advance Your Discovery Chemistry Research Enterprise

Work collaboratively in an integrated system handling all chemistry workflows

The ArxLab Notebook platform allows chemists across many industries to fully manage their scientific workflows in the areas of synthetic, analytical, and process chemistry. The ArxLab suite of modules allows for collaborative management of chemistry experimental data across an enterprise, propelling research programs forward. Combining cloud delivery with the capability to integrate with other internal systems, ArxLab Notebook allows an organization to centrally manage its research while not losing any legacy information previously developed and stored in another system.

The ArxLab Notebook ELN gives chemists the opportunity to create and manage chemistry experiments, with PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw and ChemAxon’s Marvin JS running natively within the system. All other drawing tools and formats are supported, giving the scientists universal capability to upload, edit, and manage chemical structures. Chemical searching of all compounds entered into the system is standard.

Adding modules from the integrated suite of ArxLab products allows for comprehensive management of chemical samples and products, assay results, and experimental procedures:

  • Push button registration of compounds from experiments allows for creation of a robust database of chemical work product across the organization.
  • Experiment integration with Inventory allows scientists to track experimental samples across all locations, manage lifecycles, and link chemical compounds between experiments and Inventory.
  • Scientists can use Assay to log their compound screening data and publish assay data to the system, as well as link data to experiments.
  • Using ArxLab’s Decision Support tool, scientists can track chemical samples and cross reference experimental, inventory, registration, and assay data, allowing for optimal scientific go-forward decision making.

The fully integrated, cloud-based ArxLab system allows for collaborative activities both with internal team members and external partners, creating a managed hub of scientific information – between remote and globally distributed teams. Scientific data can be produced and shared in real time, information can be queried quickly and easily, and clear communication between scientists is enabled. Work requests and project management can be centrally managed to monitor and track activity, analytical and assay service requests can be made, and robust dashboards show all activity.

With compliant software, full audit trails, a comprehensive signature/witness workflow, regulatory checking capability, and a secure cloud based environment for collaboration, ArxLab Notebook propels your research forward and makes sure that the best decisions are made to advance your research. Combining the ArxLab cloud suite of integrated modules with Arxspan’s capabilities in customization, integration, support, and maintenance services, organizations can configure, deploy, manage, and grow a powerful system for managing all internal and external scientific workflow.


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