Collaborate Better Across Internal and External Partners

Project managers need to orchestrate the activity of all internal and external partners efficiently. Coordinating research programs in real time, and monitoring work activity and productivity are vastly expedited using a centralized system.

For companies still using an inefficient hybrid system of paper and Excel, efficiently managing partners is a challenge. Going paperless can help your lab maximise speed and productivity of research.

Break through internal silos and engage your collaborators with the Arxspan system. Connect data from internal research functions, departments, and locations, as well as from external partnerships, into a cohesive whole.

Coordinate and Monitor Projects in Real Time:

Arxspan WorkFlow: Project and Work Request Management

  • Understand both the status of the work being performed as well as view the experiments executed by CROs in real time
  • Effectively delegate project management activities to users
  • Create new work requests for internal and external partners, and assign them to users and/or groups

Arxspan Notebook: Out Of The Box, Web-based Electronic Lab Notebook

  • Power collaboration with internal scientists, with experiments that contribute to various projects and notebooks
  • Manage all incoming contract research organization (CRO) work in real time: placing experimental result data into experiments, registering small molecule or biological compounds, registering assay data, or placing materials into inventory locations

Arxspan Registration: Record of Unique Reference Chemical Or Biological Entities

  • Create a robust database of chemical products across the organization with push button registration of compounds
  • Easily access quantitative or qualitative information about biological materials
  • Build higher level biologic complexes using previously registered component biologic or chemical materials
  • Visualize and edit gene sequences

Arxspan Assay: Biological Data Management

  • Centrally manage studies and data across multiple research facilities
  • Facilitate workflow by providing study coordinators with tools that allow an integrated view of study activity and data as reported by research team(s)
  • Empower individual researchers to collaborate on assay data

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