Paperless Lab

When considering transitioning to a cloud-based solution, concerns are prevalent: the cost of an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and the complexity of a system that requires significant IT resources to manage, for example. In reality, most paper-based companies are living in an inefficient hybrid world of paper and Excel.

These companies are typically struggling with:

  • Understanding what has been done before, and by who
  • Finding where someone else’s research is (especially if they are out of the office)
  • Reviewing multiple Excel spreadsheets that store results, registration, and inventory data
  • Locating information stored on shared hard drives or in emails
  • Most companies say that if an experiment was done 6 months ago, they probably can’t find it.

There are significant limitations to hard copy notebooks that become apparent when data must be searched, retrieved, or shared across departments and over the years for archival purposes. These limitations are further exacerbated as research at most organizations is now conducted around the globe within corporate laboratories or by Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

With the Arxspan ELN and end to end informatics solution, scientific leaders can increase efficiency and effectiveness with centralized data.

Arxspan Search: Make More Informed Decisions and Access Data Across the Arxspan Suite

  • Make more informed scientific decisions based on data drawn from across the entire suite of Arxspan products
  • Query, visualize, and report centralized data

Arxspan Notebook: Access comprehensive project information in real time

  • Search for and view relevant experiments and data
  • Prioritize and centrally manage experiment elements

Arxspan Workflow: Establish, manage and prioritize all ongoing projects within an organization

  • Effectively delegate project management activities to users
  • Efficiently manage new work requests

Arxspan Assay: Chemistry Data Management

  • Request and manage a range of assays
  • Manage cell lines and vivariums, among other workflows
  • Cross-reference compounds with biological activity

Full integration capability across Arxspan and other modules, workflow management and search capabilities, combined with the cloud aspect of the Arxspan platform, allow for efficient, safe, and cost effective centralization of all scientific information and processes within your organization.

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