How to Effectively Manage Work Request Management, Compounds and Related Sample Data Between CRO and Pharma Company

Provide a better collaboration platform for working with CRO network. Eliminate multiple workflow tools and a series of systems that require CROs to work in multiple systems to load data

The Challenges Faced:

  • Data prone to errors (transferred data needs to be corrected manually)
  • Lack of quality control
  • Missing feedback loop on data entry
  • Re-inventing the wheel with every new partner
  • Frustrations from CRO due to technical problems

Arxspan Solution:

Reduce time, and redundant effort

  • Arxspan ELN for Chemistry: an out of the box, web-based solution that allows scientists to: keep a record of everything that happens in the lab
  • Arxspan Registration: Record unique reference chemical or biological entities in a central repository
  • Arxspan Assay: Central repository for biological data
  • Arxspan Inventory: provides location and container management for the workflow platform

The Arxspan suite of products are powered by Arxspan Workflow for project and work request management. Arxspan Workflow allows users to create new work requests and to assign them to users and/or groups. The workflow management tool enables scientists to manage and prioritize all scientific projects, as well as to make procedure requests to internal colleagues and external partners.

Benefits of Arxspan:

  • Streamline overall workflow process to provide a single solution for the ordering, execution and registration of new compounds into the corporate database
  • The solution allows internal scientists to understand both the status of the work being performed as well as view the experiments executed by the CRO in near real time

Features of Arxspan Solution:

  • The ELN allows for registration of both individual compounds as well as bulk uploading of registration data
  • Upon completion of a reaction, the Arxspan platform allows molecules to be registered directly from the experiment. This is done in the ELN interface and eliminates issues with receiving sd files via email and bulk loading of compounds
  • The Arxspan platform performs a primary quality check of the data and integrates with a company’s compound management systems to provide the appropriate Registration or sample ID
  • Bulk Registration of compounds is also enabled within the same interface. Compounds undergo the same quality checking and then are passed to to the corporate database to receive registration or sample IDs
  • Failure of either single or batch registration can be provided by both feedback into the user interface and through notification in the workflow (ELN) platform

Use Case 1

Requesting Work from a CRO: Compound Synthesis and Related Sample Data Management

Use Case 2

How to Custom Order Compounds from a CRO: Request and Shipping Management

Use Case 3

Receiving Compounds from a CRO

Use Case 4

Storing Experimental Pharmacological Data in an Assay System

Use Case 5

Managing experimental results data from CRO

Use Case 6

Simplifying the Administration of your enterprise systems

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