Electronic Lab Notebook Best Practices: Lessons Learned by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

“Sunovion realized that an Electronic Lab Notebook would be the only way to gather and store information efficiently in real-time. A new search for possible ELN solutions was initiated.”

Over the past 10+ years the pharmaceutical industry has begun to widely implement electronic lab notebooks (ELNs). This adoption has resulted in a range of ‘home-grown’ electronic notebooks as well as ELNs from commercial software vendors. Most of these “first generation” notebooks are based on a locally maintained data
storage server and installed software on each user’s computer. 

In 2005 Sepracor Inc. (now Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.) performed its first evaluation of an ELN system. At that time,
Sunovion ultimately rejected a proposal to purchase and locally install the first ELN candidate because of its associated
high initial and maintenance costs, high IT infrastructure requirements and overall concerns pertaining to electronic
records for IP.

Download this whitepaper on electronic lab notebook best practices, to follow Sunovion’s journey to an effective, cloud-based, web-delivered ELN system.

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