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White Paper Selecting an ELN That Will Move Your Business Forward

White Paper Selecting an ELN That Will Move Your Business Forward

What is an ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)

An ELN is a digital platform that enables scientists to record and store all the information they would normally keep in a traditional laboratory notebook. Cloud-based software solutions are increasingly the norm since these eliminate the need for servers and other infrastructure, reducing cost and deployment time. The right ELN will interface with all the software you already rely on such as Perkin Elmer ChemDraw® and Microsoft Office – Excel, Powerpoint, but in a different, more integrated way. No glue required!

While switching to an electronic lab notebook makes it easier to record information efficiently during the working day it is transformative in terms of data storage and retrieval. ELNs maintain a secure, searchable experimental trail that simply cannot be matched by even the most assiduous record-keeper. This is a critical advantage.

Electronic Lab Notebooks provide a reliable experimental record  

At the start of 2020 Frances Arnold, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, announced that she was retracting a paper because the work had proved unreproducible. The associated statement said ‘Careful examination of the first author’s lab notebook then revealed missing contemporaneous entries and raw data for key experiments’1. Scientists everywhere no doubt sympathized, and the retraction drew praise for its openness. However, the event serves as a salutary reminder of the potential consequences of incomplete recording and irretrievable detail of a lab’s data.

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