Providing an end to end informatics solution for drug discovery and development


Life sciences research is increasingly being decentralized and virtualized, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies all struggle with the same issue: how to bring scientific data together to make optimal decisions. Organizations need to ensure that their scientific workflow process is optimally managed electronically, and that internal colleagues and external collaborators have real time access to add and view data within a centralized platform. Organizations also need to capture and unite experimental, inventory, assay, and registration data, and be able to search and cross reference this data.

Discover how Arxspan provides an integrated ELN, Registration, Assay, and Inventory platform that eliminates traditional silos of enterprise solutions, further simplifying your informatics landscape. Learn how to:

  • Centrally coordinate all work being performed by teams globally
  • Securely manage CRO data uploading to experiments
  • Understand sample genealogy throughout the experimental process
  • Conduct comprehensive cross-referenced searches
  • Relate experimental data with data from other workflows

Learning Objectives:

  • Request projects from CRO partners and manage projects remotely
  • Manage current and historic experimental data simply and cost effectively
  • Understand the benefits of an end-to-end informatics system

Speaker Details

Jeff Carter, Co-founder and COO Arxspan

Jeff is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Arxspan, which offers a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook platform for managing and sharing scientific information.

As COO of the company, Jeff oversees commercial and operational functions, including business development, account management, and product management. He has nearly twenty years of management experience in the scientific informatics and cloud computing industries, including over ten years of software development experience.

Prior to Arxspan, Jeff held various technical and commercial positions in CambridgeSoft, a provider of chemical informatics software products to scientists, as well as technical roles at Jeff has a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He has presented extensively in the areas of scientific workflow management, research collaboration, and electronic laboratory notebooks.

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