Arxspan Analytical Module

Lab Instrument Interface Software for Arxspan Electronic Lab Notebook (“ELN”): Multiple Instruments, One Software

Get Back the 90 Mins of Every Scientists’ Day Spent Looking for Data From your lab Instruments

The new lab instrument interface software is an integrated, highly scalable solution that automates the collection of instrument data.

The user-friendly, cloud-based module enables scientists to automatically capture, analyze, centralize and share device data and results. The centralizing of data creates a reference database of analytical results for synthesized compounds and impurities.

Automated Data Analysis: Instrumentation Integration

The lab instrument interface software can be used with any lab instrument, but is particularly suited to instruments that generate significant amounts of data. For example, NMR and Mass Spectrometers’ spectral analysis and QC data.

Reduce Risk of Data Errors

Automating data collection directly from an analytical instrument, removes the manual process of associating files with samples and experiments. This reduces the risk of transcription errors.

Increase Efficiency

Automatically confirm if the data has been entered correctly or if you need to intervene

Save Time

Automated data collection saves significant time over manual processes

Why build your own when the perfect solution already exists?

  • Automatically Capture
  • Automatically Analyze
  • Automatically Publish

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