Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Research with ChemDoodle and Arxspan Suite Integration

ChemDoodle, produced by iChemLabs, is a powerful and intuitive chemical drawing tool that has been designed to meet the needs of modern scientific research. Recently, ChemDoodle has been integrated with Arxspan , a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook that has quickly become a popular choice for researchers in a variety of fields.

We recently sat down with Kevin Theisen, President of iChemLabs, to discuss the integration and the benefits it brings to the scientific community. Here’s what they had to say:

What inspired the development of ChemDoodle and how does it differ from other chemical drawing tools on the market

ChemDoodle is a creative outlet for my programming and chemistry curiosities, and it remains so today. I am a perfectionist and my team and I enjoy producing very high-quality chemistry algorithms and graphics. For two decades, we have helped hundreds of thousands of users and some of the largest companies in our industry solve their chemistry software needs. As you can tell from our prices, I am not looking to get rich, I just want to ensure our development will continue, and we will always try our best to produce the highest quality chemistry software at the most affordable prices. Choosing ChemDoodle not only gives our users access to some of the best graphics and algorithms in the industry, but does so at a reasonable cost.

Can you explain the benefits of integrating ChemDoodle with Arxspan Suite?

Communicating information such as text or images is an intrinsic feature of computer systems, but chemical structure information is much more specific and is not handled by operating systems or browsers. ChemDoodle provides a mature and intuitive interface for communicating chemistry information within Arxspan. Arxspan users choose the ELN for its security and practicality. ChemDoodle’s mature and expert systems for handling chemical graphics and cheminformatics algorithms make it an ideal choice to pair with Arxspan’s Suite.

How does the integration of ChemDoodle with Arxspan Suite enhance the overall experience for researchers and scientists?

The important work scientists and researchers pursue is verytime-consuming. The goal of tools like ChemDoodle and Arxspan is to reduce the amount of time professionals spend on tasks that keep them away from their more interesting andimportant work. ChemDoodle and Arxspan are both excellent applications with a wealth of features for quickly solving themany menial and supplementary tasks necessary for credible research.

Figure 2 Inventory search for (R)-(+)-Citronellal

Can you give an example of how the ChemDoodle integration has helped a customer in their research or laboratory work?

Yes, one example I remember was of a customer that had all of their chemical structures stored as bitmap images in a database. When switching over to Arxspan, they used ChemDoodle to convert all of the bitmap images back into chemical data structures with very high accuracy. This saved the organization a significant amount of time and money.

What features of ChemDoodle have been incorporated into the Arxspan Suite integration, and how do they improve the workflow for users?

The ChemDoodle Web Components library has been integrated into the Arxspan Suite. The main component users will interact with is the ChemDoodle web sketcher. This tool allows users to draw chemically relevant figures, including molecular structures, directly in the Arxspan interface. Users and organizations can be confident their chemistry information is thorough, accurate, and secure.

Figure 3 Creating a system wide search for (R)-(+)-Citronellal

How does ChemDoodle contribute to the advancement of scientific research and discovery?

ChemDoodle provides advanced computational chemistry and cheminformatics algorithms, such as IUPAC naming, chemical image recovery, molecular modeling, and more. ChemDoodle also facilitates the communication of chemistry information. Researchers using ChemDoodle will quickly and accurately accomplish their tasks, allowing them to focus more time on finding solutions to the problems they are solving.

What future plans does ChemDoodle have for expanding its integration with ELN and other scientific tools?

ChemDoodle provides many chemistry features. This includes thorough support for image and chemistry file formats, as well as advanced tools for working with the system clipboard so users can communicate with any application that respects chemistry, text, and image data. Users may benefit from an even more intimate integration between ChemDoodle and certain applications. Users should feel free to recommend to us and to other application producers that they desire the two applications to be more integrated. We are always happy to pursue those collaborations.

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